In 2022 I made a new portfolio site for artist and photographer Jedidja Smalbil. An earlier version was made by me as a Wordpress theme back in 2019. You can find the current website on I also organize the webhosting for Jedidja.

Queerclub Kelder @ Vera

I made this poster for a LGBT+ event in the downstage from Vera in 2022. I was inspired by the rodeo posters from the US and made a nonbinary person on a unicorn with the LGBT flag in their hands.

This website

The website you're looking at is made by me in 2022. The design is inspired by Lego blocks and the colors came from an earlier campaign I designed for a client. I like to code my websites by myself, which means I write the HTML, SCSS and javascript without any frameworks. I even wrote most of this code without any internet connection, which meant I couldn't do any online research.

Between Art and Viewer

For my honours at Minerva Academy of Popular Culture I researched aesthetics (art philosophy) and mainly the perception of audience towards art. I've read texts written by Aristoteles, Kant, Nietzsche, Tolstoi and Walter Benjamin to understand a method I thought of myself. The thought behind this method (the 3 core values of art) is to give artists a tool to better the communication of their art in a more effective way. At least, according to the current existing art philosophy. An extended explanation of this method is also given by me with the workshop called 'Between Art and Viewer'.

Unknown Aesthetics

Unknown Aesthetics is my graduation artwork for Minerva Academy of Popular Culture. It is a digital participation artwork where 2 strangers meet in 30 minutes. During this conversation data will be recorded (with Arduino), and with this data a digital artpiece will be made (with TouchDesigner). The digital artpiece is a visualisation of what happened during the conversation and is called a 'Unknown Aesthetic'. I also interviewed sociologic proffessor Dr. David Pinto for this artpiece for research.

New logo Flanor

Around the end of 2021 I made a new logo for Literary Student association Flanor. I remade the old logo they had before in a more professional manner. I also worked together with the Promotion Commission to make a new corporate identity, new stickers for promotion, designed t-shirts and even multiple banners.

My name is Dille Hussel. Growing up in the turf colonies in Groningen I dreamed of becoming a comic artist since I was 5.

With this dream I finally became an artist and designer. With this I wanna show people how beautiful the world is if you start looking around you with an empathic gaze. My work has an educative vibe and is often inspired by society and the environment. I also believe that accessibility is important: I want children to understand my work. My art is for everyone.

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